Monday, August 29, 2011

Quilts on exhibit

If you get the chance, stop by Lockport, IL
and see the quilts on display.

It is four miles from 355 in Lockport, Illinois.

I visited Sunday afternoon + caught the presentation, too.

NANI friend, Lynn, had gone and said some nice things about the information + quilts in the gallery. I headed out there (oh my, they really need to fix 80).

The display is up thru September 16, 2011 ....

Did I mention the Yarn + Tea store next door to the gallery?

Or the Quilt Store on the Corner? Oh yes, visited those, too.

Found this perfect size
Art Bin at the Yarn Store.

Yes, the size 20 fibers
fit well!!!

People who knit have the best stuff!

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