Monday, August 22, 2011

Gifts from the Stitch Bitch

Anna, who blogs as
the Stitch Bitch,
recently posted:
At Long Last.

I was thrilled to be the recipient of her Souvenir de France project.
Anna has flawless stitches.
Oh my, I'm green with envy!
In her post, she said the fiber was
Rainbow Gallery's cashmere (I think it's violet).
The color is just beautiful.

This is the reverse side:
it has a pocket in the back
for scissors - and, the magnetic pin is so
I've arranged the tiles a few times. Nice toy for this old fossil.

In addition to the beautiful eiffel tower + MoMA Pin,
she tucked in more gifts:
I know!
I'm so spoiled, I stink!

The quilted rectangle is awesome. I want to put it in my kitchen. Check out the beehive card! And The basket chart from BBD - will be a fun stitch. She even enclosed a few pins and trim for embellishments.

Thx Anna! Your pkg made my day!


gracie said...

oh so very nice....

Christine said...

You lucky girl! I was reading on her blog about this giveaway so it's fun to see who won it! Congratulations

Anna van Schurman said...

Happy! I'm so glad it's in your hands now. :)

barbara said...

What a fabulous gift packet from a truly unique blogger. Her stitching is as precise as her language. :) Enjoy!!! :)

Anonymous said...

LUCKY YOU!!! You are right...her stitches are flawless and the color is magnificent.


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