Sunday, January 17, 2016

December - to - now

Yes, I really did have a finish.   I finished knitting my maroon scarf.   Seed Stitch in December.   

I'm pretty close to finishing the blue/grey scarf, too.
I have added the fringe on one end.   have the fringe cut for the final end - so, am just knitting the 8 row repeat until the yarn is used up.   Probably 6 more inches.   

On to wanderlust ... 

... in December, DH + I visited Florida for a few days.   North Miami to visit the Ancient Spanish Monastery, link here.   

... and the Japanese garden in
Delray Beach, FL.   Link here.

... and Kissimmee, FL ...

Back at Home - view from window:

(camera went into hiding for a few weeks)

Was back at the AIC during snow flurries - enjoyed the new contemporary / modern exhibit, the  bronze lace bowl on the terrace, and of course "the bean" in Millennium Park.

Meanwhile, Mom was visiting family in Missouri -- so, I drove & picked her up.   Stopped at the St. Louis Art Museum, too.

... home again.   No trips planned for awhile.


cucki said...

My dear the scarfs are so beautiful ❤️
I truly love the Spanish beautiful
Big hugs x

gracie said...

You certainly were hopping about...thanks for sharing the pictures.

Sherry said...

Beautiful scarves! I can't decide which color I like better. I usually pick red but that shade of blue is lovely! Wonderful pictures of your trip also.

Madtatter80 said...

looks like beautiful gifts and love the Saint Louis Arch and bowl of lace :)

Brigitte said...

Both your scarfs are beautiful.
Great pictures from your travelling.


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