Thursday, July 29, 2021

CQ Block: Task Ten (of 12)

 Fargo Roses.   Challenge for them to be the same size.   Challenge to have them look similar.   

 CQ Block (so far).   I have two more tasks to do before it can be a finish.   This is part of Kathy Seaman Shaw's BCQC-101 class.   More information can be found here:

 Woven Roses + Kreinik Metallic #8 Braid (042).   I look forward to adding charms, beads, buttons, etc.   I think there is another ribbon embroidery task to complete before the embellishing.

 Seven Fargo Roses - that don't really look alike!   Ribbon Embroidery is so new to me.   I forget how different surface stitching is to counted specialty stitches on linen.   

This is such a good course.   The information provided is exceptional.   I'm taking my time to learn and have enjoyed each task.

 And, yes, I did get my Bent Creek pattern finished into a pincushion - which I've been using.  The bobbin lace edge sewn on - it really is a small pincushion.  I used wool roving, pretty light weight.



Pamela said...

Your CQ block is very pretty and the pin cushion is so cute!

Prims By The Water said...

Love that bunny! so sweet!!! Janice


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