Saturday, November 26, 2005

ID on stitching?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToday’s SBQ was suggested by Kimberly and is:

Do you always sign your projects? If not, why? If so, do you use your first name, initials or what?

What a good question Kimberly. When stitching 'gifts' I think it looks so silly with my initials &/or name - when this is for somebody else who may not understand why it is their gift with MY NAME -- AND, When stitching a reproduction sampler - I'm always tempted to use the ORIGINAL STITCHER's name. Using my name on projects is a difficult task. I'm known by my family as "Little Lee" after my maternal Grandmother - Lelia Evelyn, who passed away weeks after I was born. (LEE was my Grandmother's Monogram) Outside of my family, I'm usually known by Carol or Carol Lee or Lee. so - I don't know what to use & skip it most of the time. Looking forward to reading how other stitchers 'sign' their work.

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