Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Challenge

While visiting Christine's Blog ... I found out that Zorah extended the morning cup challenge to include a COASTER!! Hmmmm... how about a saucer???? I don't think I own a coaster. (for shame)

Von: Thanks for the "Lady Grey" tip. It is very good! I have Twinings of London "Lady Grey Tea". The ingredients are: Tea, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Citrus flavouring. (I found the Prairie Schooler freebie on their web site. Too Cute!)
AND, I can so relate to "Mommy Wars" posted by Von. Check it out.

Annemiek: I saw Von's & you can get the freebie S is For Spring from the Prairie Schooler web site.

Many thanks for all your comments. Especially those re. Nicholas. He was gobsmacked by your kind remarks. He said there are "some mistakes" & he re-worked some stitches because they were off a row. oooh ... can relate to that frogging. I'll have to give him a frog charm to keep on his desk!

I ordered the Drawn Thread Sampler Game Board chart from House of Stitches. I should be able to pick it up later this week (or early next week). This courtesy of a gift certificate from my Mom.

I'm looking at my stitching & realize I need to finish things for fair entries and the EGA exhibit in October. I've got some WIPs nearly there ... and should concentrate on them first. Maybe rotate some small items with the WIPs ....


Von said...

Thanks for the nod to my "Mommy Wars" post, Lelia!!
I thought the Lady Grey might have citrus. Drat! I didn't get to the grocery store today, lol!
I'm always amazed by those, like you, who enter their work in the local and state fairs. Good for you. It's important to promote our art!

Cathy said...

I hope you will join Bine and me and try to stitch one to two squares a week. It seems like it would take forever that way, but it is actually going pretty fast!

Myrna said...

Hey GF!!! I'm back! And, I added The Drawn Thread Sampler Game Board to my stash this past weekend! I am thinking we have very similar tastes in stitching... I was enabled by Cathy on this one by watching her progress.

Ree sent me home with some Peach Black Tea by Stash Premium. (www.stashtea.com) I haven't tried it yet...

Glad you liked your surprise. :-)

Annemiek said...

Now you have me curious Lelia, which PS freebie did you see on which website? Being a real fan of the PS charts, I just had to ask LOL,


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