Friday, March 31, 2006

Gay Ann Rogers - Mystery Sampler continues

Worked on this non-stop yesterday. I got out some beads and quickly added some -- to figure out what I want use on all the ends.

With this head cold, it is about all I can do. Whine, whine, whine. This cold is just terrible. I keep thinking "tomorrow I'll feel better" (sigh)
My final color-dilemma is in beads. I don't know whether to use the yellow beads (I added a few on the left side) or the taupe beads (added some to the right side). I figure I'll work on the other three sides -- I have a Smyrna cross in pc#5 610 (in the point on the sides). After all the stitches are complete -- I should have a bead favourite. Beads are the last step. I'm so close.

Poor Nicholas came to me & said he is nearly out of 032 #8 braid -- and he had to take out everything he put in today. He was working on another wing. I try to explain these things just happen & thought a break would be a good thing. We are heading to the public library real soon. (Labryinth is IN -- I can check it out)


Myrna said...

This just keeps looking better and better.

Hope you feel better soon... I have the stuffy head thing going on also. :-(

Lili said...

Sorry to read about that nasty cold: these can ruin a day!
Your mystery sampler is the most beautiful sampler I have ever seen! And choosing the beads is complicated, as both colours are perfect! Looking forward to seeing which ones you choose! Or may be you could keep it with the two colours, just as you have done it: it's an interesting effect!
Sorry for Nicholas: frogging is hell in our cross stitch heaven really...
Enjoy your week end!

Gina E. said...

I don't know how you can even begin to concentrate on stitching something so complex, when you are feeling so ill! This is such a beautiful piece of work.

Gay Ann Rogers said...

I stumbled on this by accident and am delighted to see your mystery done in such an interesting way.
I enjoyed inventing these mysteries because they all look so different. Well done!
Gay Ann Rogers


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