Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mysteries? Over One? Organized?

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Today's SBQ was suggested by Carol and is:

Q. Have you ever participated in a needlework mystery (i.e., a design that you started before knowing how it will look in the end and by which you receive parts of the design via the internet, magazines, or leaflets at spaced intervals)? If so, why did you decide to do the mystery? What appealed to you about it? Did you enjoy it? If you have not done a mystery, would you ever do one?

A. Yes! I participated in two Mystery Samplers designed by Gay Ann Rogers. I completed this (on congress cloth) in 2000:

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Close-up: Image hosting by Photobucket

The "Mystery with a Little Bit of Glitz" was also by Gay Ann Rogers & is a WIP:
Image hosting by Photobucket Since this picture was taken, I've worked on it here-n-there .... Canvas & metallics aren't my favorites.

Image hosting by PhotobucketFound the picture

Currently, I'm stitching a mystery sampler by Jana P. Kerr. Our EGA chapter members did this in 1993 (before I was a member). I had seen it completed years ago & was thrilled to have the NeedleArts magazine put the lessons in their quarterly publication. It is stitched on linen banding w/floss (I'm using dmc & anchor floss colors). This is a picture of 1-5 of 15 parts:

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Image hosting by PhotobucketToday's SBQ is:

Q. Do you stitch "over one?" If so, describe your experiences. If not, have you considered it?

A. Yes, I stitch "over one". I sit for about an hour with over one & then quit for the day. I like using a 28-count or 32-count linen with one strand of silk (or Anchor floss). I think these were last projects I stitched over-one:
Image hosting by Photobucket Pattern is from Scarlet Letter, called N. Hinde Sampler I have a couple "over-one" WIPs, too. I enjoy the detail in over-one designs. With an exceptional color -- they are fabulous.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is 40-count linen & IMO the stitching gets bunched up looking. I think using a 1/2 cross would have been more suitable. This is A Sampler Pinkeep by The Heart's Content. I started the reverse side & really should find it in my WIP pile & finish it up!!

Image hosting by Photobucket This is Tin Pin Heart by Twisted Threads -- this one seemed to stitch up quickly!! What fun.

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Q. Do you have an organizational system for your patterns? If so, how do you organize them? If not, have you considered organizing them?

A. I'm more organized NOW than I have ever been. I have patterns/charts in two notebooks with a zipper (high shelf in the closet) -- alphabetized by company name (i.e. Blackbird, Brightneedle, etc.) My kits are in a rubbermaid container in the closet. My "kits to go" and WIPs are in totebags and boxes on top of the container (in my closet). I also have a basket near my stitching corner which houses patterns kitted up to do in the near future. AND -- every time I move things around ... I lose stuff!! I'm not planning to change a thing.

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Dawn said...

I love your one over one stitching! I go cross eyed just using 28 count fabric. :)

Lili said...

Your over-one projects are very tempting actually... I am also very surprised to discover that so many mystery stitching projects can exist. I only know the Quaker sampler by AMAP, but the "mystery" part scares me...
Looking forward to seeing progress pics of your sons' wips as well...
Lots of hugs!

Jenna said...

They're not really a mystery anymore once you've seen the finished product. ;) I love your over-one stitching. You do such a wonderful job; it's inspiring! I'll be giving it a go again soon, as I'm designing and stitching a hornbook for an informal competition. We'll see if I can stand it. LOL

Carol said...

Wow, Carol - you have stitched on some amazingly beautiful mysteries! How inspiring!


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