Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Sandra Fan

I received a private e-mail from Jennifer. Jen has a blog with some beautiful smocking. Check out the charming Easter dress -- smocking w/Easter motifs at Jen's Blog : ) Awesome. AND ... FYI, Jen put together a web page of Sandra Cozzolino Santa designs.

I admit only owning ONE Santa design; however, have three pattern leaflets (designs by Sandra Cozzolino) of the Charles Craft Huck Towel designs. I've stitched Cappuccino & Java from Coffeehouse Favorites (want to do the other four). I bought Celebrate the Seasons! & would like to stitch all eight one day (one year LOL) -- especially "spring fever" with the bee hive.

UPDATE: While surfing blogs, I see Becky Bee already has Spring Fever DONE!! Here I'm only in the planning to buy a towel stage -- and she is FINISHED.

The two huck towels I finished most recently also have smaller towel designs for terry cloth dish towels. Design Connection. They have herb motifs & if I can find the towels on discount, may stitch them for MY kitchen ... after the fair!

Put some stitching into The Sanctuary. I'm using Anchor Floss and Week's Overdye. Pattern calls for one strand over two threads; however, I'm using 2 strands of floss on the cross stitches. Picture later this week ....


Von said...

Thank you, Lelia, for directing me over to Jen's blog! She's doing some gorgeous smocking. :D
Looking forward to seeing your Sanctuary!

Carol said...

I am so looking forward to your update on The Sanctuary - I keep staring at mine and trying to decide on the right linen!!

Nancy in IL said...

My mom used to smock, but I've never seen designs like those incorporated into the smocking. Exquisite!

Also, I've started Sanctuary. Would love the incentive of a SAL with someone. I'll post my start on my blog. I haven't worked on it for a while and have been doing it in monthly assignments on a Yahoo Group, but the girl who sends us assignments is MIA.


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