Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Found it!

Thank you for your kind comments & suggestions. I forget that FINISHING just takes time, patience, & practice.

I've been looking all over for this project: Betsy's Butterfly designed by Elizabeth Foster of Elizabeth's Designs c.2000.

I stitched this as a gift for my Mom. One afternoon, she came over with her stitching supplies ... was working on Betsy's Butterfly!! I never told her I had stitched this for her!! (no, she doesn't like computers or read blogs)

I used 28ct champagne linen - substituted the Spanish Moss for Week's Dried Sage - and found some 11/0 Peach seed beads for the edge.

I tried something different for the charm in the center. I didn't have paper to stabilize the linen; however, had felt on hand. Put felt under the linen front & stitched that butterfly into place thru the felt & linen -- the charm does NOT move.

Pulling the next item out for finishing in a minute. I'm determined to get these things FINISHED FINISHED FINISHED. (My finishing song)


KarenV said...

You're on a real roll with your finishing Lee! Lovely pillow - good luck with the rest of your finishing :)

Isabelle said...

This is so gorgeous! I can't believe your Mom started stitching a design you were stitching for her! Well, it sure was a great choice ;)
Congrats on all your finishing Lelia - it all looks great!

Barbara said...

Excellent finishing-finishing, and I will remember the trick with the felt to hold the charm steady!

Kim said...

It is gorgeous! The colors are just stunning. And the charm in the middle is perfect. Great job!

Carto said...

Wow - love the colours of this piece, they work so well together! I stitched a bookmark for a relative not so long ago and found that my Sister had stitched the exact same thing for them! It's times like that when you wish you were telepathic - it would be so darn useful! :)

Jenna said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I like your charm stitching tip; I will have to remember it in the future. I like to stablize my charms, so I usually end up stitching through it many, many times.

Cathy said...

You are on a finishing frenzy! And me thinks you are doing a fabulous job. Go Lee go!

Concetta said...

Oh my, your pillow is absolutely stunning! You are very talented!

Anita said...

Great stitching and I love
the finishings with beads.

Your mom will love it.
Finishing does take a lot
of patience.

Sue said...

Another stunning finishing job!!!

Susimac said...

Its beautiful, the colours are so lovely.

Von said...

Oh, Lelia, this is so charming - wonderful colors!! Thanks too for the charm tip. :D


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