Wednesday, June 07, 2006

SAL: Sampler Game Board

Progress Pic: Drawn Thread/Sampler Game Board. I added the TWO houses on the top row. And, may add another one tomorrow. I have the 12 Houses Sampler by Drawn Thread & I am not sure if I have linen, know I have the cotton floss : ) What is it with houses these days? I think this is my first project with houses -- I have patterns with houses ... just never stitched any of them.

I am enjoying the kids being home. When they are in class, things are quiet around here. The other day, I talked to Nicholas over an hour. He seems to be enjoying his new job - P.M. Server at a nearby Retirement Community. The extra driving is just wackie. I'm not much for driving around -- with Tori & Nick taking shifts, I'm in the car a lot. Wish I could stitch & drive at the same time!!!NOT!!!

I plan to go back to 'finishing' for fair entries. I made a list of several things needing to be finished. If I can manage to get them looking good, I'll enter them ALL. Gesh. Lofty goal!

The Summer Reading Program (public library) started June 5th for adults. Grand Prize is a $50.00 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. I have SEVEN awesome titles:
Death in the Garden - mystery - by Elizabeth Ironside (thanx Daniellefor this review);
Forever by Judy Blume - from the American Library Assoc Banned/Challenged list;
L'America by martha McPhee - read an review on the NYTimes web site;
Charming Billy by Alice McDermott - wanted to read this for years!;
The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood;
TWO by Annie Proulx -- postcards & Close Range short stories (including Brokeback Mountain).


Cathy said...

You get extra credit for only stitching houses! I have to stitch one of the easy squares from time to time, otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up!

Von said...

Very cute houses. And no, you can't stitch while driving, nor can you read, o.k.!! Lol!

Barbara said...

What a beautiful picture of your progress.

Great reading list!!

Shelleen said...

the houses look great. My kids sports are all done now so I am done driving them all around and having to pick up from practices so I know how you feel.

My Life In Stitches said...

Good luck with the Summer Reading Program.
I think the houses look great. Your stitching is so neat. Look forward to seeing more.

Lili said...

You're a mystery book reader?! I am! my fav authors are Carol O'Connell, Minette Walters, and above all, Elisabeth George. Not very original, ain't I,... lol!
The houses are very sweet! I also feel very much like stitching houses. Is it because of the camp holidays coming?
Great to read you're sharing wonderful moments with your kids! Enjoy these!
And enjoy your week end, Lelia!

Jenny said...

The house sampler is coming along great!

Sue said...

I love your Game Board, I have this in my stash for the future. I love to stitch anything with houses in it. It looks great!

Jenna said...

Forever is still a controversial book? Sheesh... I suppose the content makes it questionable for kids. Oh well. We wouldn't want them to learn or discover or anything, right?

So, Tori isn't driving herself to Subway? This is going to be a long summer of chaperoning for you!

Your game board is looking really nice! Congratulations on continuing to keep moving along on this project. :)


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