Friday, June 23, 2006

sidetracked ... then back on track

Thank you GFs for commenting on my finishing frenzy. I've had next to zero free time lately (yes, Summertime with the kids) and appreciate your kind remarks. I plan to work on finishing - then narrow down the pieces to fit the categories in the premium booklet (for the two fairs I usually enter).

What an awesome blog! Check out Robin's blog. Eye candy galore: beads, buttons, & beaded embroidery and other creative genius stuff.

And, Robin, if you ever come back here for a visit ... please tell me the secret of keeping those beads from moving about!! Mine bag and sag and I need some helpful tips & hints : )

Nope ... not stitching another stitch until the fair entries are ready ... I keep closing my eyes to all the new stuff on the market : )

Meanwhile, yesterday, aside from driving the children here-n-there & back again ... I managed to get the small fobs & pumpkin keeper whip stitched together. AND -- delighted to report they are NOT understuffed or overstuffed.

(The finishing flair fairy was kind to my weak talents & gave me a boost of magic)

Went on a cording rampage ... I made nine cords ... some too short in length ... some to fat in width. Some multi-color ... some wrong color. Yeah, you get the picture.

Bad/sad news: I have a reject pile of cords (sigh)

Good/happy news: I have two cords ready to sew on the two fobs. : D (VBG)

TO DO: I will attempt finishing on the SB needleroll ... perf paper ornament ... tin pin ... pulled thread pillow ... blackwork bookmark ... novelty pillow entry / Betsey Butterfly (which I cannot locat in my stash of stuff) & Goodness! Wish me luck : )


Carol said...

Great job on the fobs!! It is hard to believe you consider yourself to be finishing challenged, as you cannot tell by those!!

Shelleen said...

wow you have been finishing quite a bit.

Kim said...

They look great! Love the colors! :D

Jenny said...

I'm getting ready for our fair too - only I have to actually finish stitching my projects! :)

Jenna said...

Reject pile? Hardly. Call it your pile of cords for future use. :) They will be useful for another project that comes along. You've done a great job of putting everything together. I can't wait to see your next finishes!

Sue said...

I love your work. The fobs are great. I finish very little of my own work, I send it out, so koodo's to you (is that how you spell koodo's?)oh well. I think you're doing great.

Robin said...

These make me want to crosstitch again... something I haven't done in 20 years... since I took up beads. Speaking of which, the black bead edging is super nice on the kitty-pumpkin piece! Great finishing idea. My answer to tension problems (bead stitches too tight causing puckering, or too loose causing bags and sags) is PRACTICE. That and using a thread that doesn't stretch (or you can pre-stretch it). With this type of project, you could also try using a light-weight acid-free paper backing. Do all of your stitches through both cloth and paper. Or you could do the thread stitches as you always do, then add the paper backing before sewing on the beads. Does that help any???

KarenV said...

The fobs look great so far Lee! Good luck with the rest of the fobs. And don't throw the "reject" cords away, they may well come in useful for something else in the future.

My Life In Stitches said...

Love the fobs! I love pumpkins!
I must force myself to try finishing smaller things like this.

Von said...

These are all just amazing finishes, Lelia!! Perfect and beautiful. :D


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