Friday, August 04, 2006


The kittens are four weeks old (yesterday). I put together a photo album (link in sidebar). I go out to the garage, sit down, and they all come out & climb all over me. They are healthy furbabies. They are RUNNING around & play with each other. Mom continues to nurse them -- when all the kittens are nursing, you can only see Mom cat's face. They are growing kitties.

Last night was Lake County Fair's preview night. DH & I went to check out the ribbons. Lots of stitching friends had entries: Deb L, Sue D, Elaine, Sandy, Mary C, Carolyn R ... maybe others? My notes are a complete mess. The Best-of-Show was a needlepoint with frogs & carousel.

For my entries, the good news is that I have a blue ribbon on the Pulled Thread Pillow I made. I'll be heading back one morning to double check the entries & will put up an album after 8/15.


Red said...

Those babies are sooo CUTE!! Reminds me of my Maggie when I brought her home from the Animal Shelter.
Congrats on your winnings as well!

Jenna said...

I hope you get a ton more blue ribbons in this fair, to match the ones from the Porter County Fair! :D


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