Monday, December 03, 2007

Hip Hop & Magnetic Needle Case

Hip Hop
More progress on my pillow case edge. I think it is easier stitching the center section. : )
What a MESS!
I don't have a spot for my teacup. I need to clear off some of this mess. But, I don't want to put anything away!!! I feel like I need some more space for my stuff on my desk. Actually, I wish I had a craft table to spread out my junk doll & stitching supplies. I pulled out a couple clothespin dolls & soft dolls (getting ready to create some comfort dolls) ... it is quite freaky having all these extra eyes on me ... LOL

Heirloom Quality Magnetic Needlecase
DJV Designs c 1993
If any stitcher reading this, has one of these ... has stitched & got the top glued on the wood ... could you share with me the type of glue you used to get the board to stick to the wood?? If I can find some linen in my stash, I'd like to get this one finished up - and use the box for intended needles : )


Barbara said...

No glue suggestions from here, sorry. ;) But those dolly eyeballs would definitely freak me out!! LOL!

Cindy said...

Isn't messiness a sign of creativity? How about putting up a little shelf or two above your desk to keep your stuff close by but off the surface.

That's a very cool needlecase! I wonder if hot glue would work...or maybe something like Gorilla Glue.

Sally said...

Hip Hop is looking good:)

I love the needlecase. Where did get the chart from and who is the designer please?

Jean in Georgia said...

Hello! When my shopowner finished mine lo these many years ago, she used some Aleene's Tacky Glue. It's still on mine just fine (and it's been more than 10 years). However, for a similar project in a class taught by Barbara Rakosnik (Periwinkle Promises) this fall, she suggested using the double-sided acid free tape that scrapbookers use to attach needlework to the tops of tins and such. Hope this helps!


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