Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The AH - 1808 - Sampler

The AH - 1808 - Sampler
c.1990 Threads Through Time

Chart Available HERE.
Per the information included with the graph: "AH used ten soft colors of silk thread in her sampler which was embroidered on 35-count linen .... measuring 7 1/2" wide by 6 3/4" high."

Stitched with DMC floss per Color Key on the Pattern. I used scraps of 32-count Antique Ivory.

I stitched a small portion of the floral border -- and added birds from the chart. (bird/flower squares.) These squares match my Lanell scissors!

Barbara : Clothespin dolls are charming & quite easy to make. I will have to put up a post [on my Other Blog] about the dolls made by my Mom & her friend, Jean. Stay tuned.

Wendy : Tabletoppers can be washed. AND, my boyz + pets have put this to the test already. I've washed them in my machine without any problems.


Anonymous said...

The birds do seem to match your scissors. Good job. This is a pretty sampler.

Barbara said...

I will stay tuned! I'm envisioning a little row of them on a high, narrow shelf in my kitchen.... ;)

Kim B said...


Suzanne said...

These are really quite beautiful.


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