Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keiskamma Altarpiece in Chicago

Last Thursday, DH had a rare afternoon off. We took an afternoon train into Chicago for lunch at Shaw's Crab House .

It was a nice afternoon to walk around [before the rain showers began] so we visited Millennium Park to see Mark Di Suvero's large-scale sculptures and the Jelly Bean , aka Cloud Gate.

We also stopped by St. James Cathedral to view the Keiskamma Altarpiece. Not only were the stitched areas brilliant, detailed, stitched with love -- the beaded sections were exquisite! Some photos from the web site here:

You Tube Videos
The Keiskamma Altarpiece
March 27 - May 11, 2008
St. James Cathedral | 65 East Huron Street | Chicago, IL 60611
312-787-7360 | webmaster@saintjamescathedral.org

Before boarding the return train, DH bought some Carmel Crisp popcorn from Garrett. What a perfect afternoon!!!


Kim B said...

What a beautiful way to spend a day!

Susan said...

I've lived or worked in Chicago for 15 years and I have *yet* to go to Shaw's Crab House. I guess the fact that my husband doesn't like seafood was one of the reasons that I've never been, but that shouldn't stop me now, right?

Myrna said...

Sounds like a lovely afternoon!

Barbara said...

WOW, that's an incredible altar piece. It's allowed to photograph it? I've noticed that the church that houses the food drive I volunteer for also has a lot of stitched items ... but I'm too cowardly to ask if I can photograph them....


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