Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is a Dog's World

Having Andrew Wyeth's dog prints on my mind, I checked out an audiobook about a young teen & his dogs:I had heard many things about the novel & took it with me on my Thursday Road Trip to Lexington, KY (and back). I am nearing the end of the book now. I am still recovering from all the driving I managed in one day.
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This is probably my second favourite -- Andrew Wyeth (IMO) had painted some beautiful nature & dog pictures.
We bought this book. DH always thought Helga looked like my sister! I have enjoyed reading thru it & viewing all the pictures. This was another painting DH liked (it is in the book):
The Ides of March, 1974

Thanks for sending e-mails & sharing your thoughts on this great artist. It must have been great to see an exhibition of the real paintings & drawings.
Master Bedroom
This is our print. When you walk into the bedroom, it is on the opposite wall. It is under glass, double mat.


Pumpkin said...

Oh, I LOVE those prints! I've never heard of this artist before and would love to see more of his work :o)

DH and I have collected Bev Doolittles.

Karol said...

What beautiful prints! By the way I gave you an award check out my blog for the details.


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