Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Carol, blogging at
i Stitch
celebrated her 200 followers
by a giveaway .... and I was one of 3
chosen!!! woot ; )

I was delighted to choose Sew A Brown Bunny
one of
Karen's i Stitch Designs

Thx Karen!!

At Tuesday nights NANI Chapter Meeting, there was a table of
patterns to choose from - GF Kay
saw this charming La D Da design,
White Cat
c. Lori Markovic 2001
and handed it to me.

Always nice with NANI members share
their stash overflows -- don't we all know
the feeling to discover we have two copies
of the same design????

(I need to quickly stitch and pass along
this pattern to GFs Sue + Mel)

And speaking of stitching,
not much of that going on -
this left hand isn't cooperating.
Isn't quite healed enough for lengthy
stitching time.

I did get a few stitches into
this Dutch Treat tabletopper.
If I can get the q-snap balanced on the table edge
and not grasp with left hand, I can do ok.

I'll just wait another few days and try again.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy tabletoppers, don't miss
Myrna's post It's Daffodil Time!,
what a beautiful tabletopper FINISH!!!

Did you get your premium booklets
in the mail today?

A sure sign of Spring
when the Fair booklets arrive!!


mainely stitching said...

Stitching one-handed sounds really hard - I hope your hand heals up quickly! And big congratulations on the lovely win!! :D

loretta said...

Great giveaway charts and your tabletopper is looking awesome!

Linen Stitcher said...

I saw that you were the winner of Carol's drawing. Congrats to you! You chose a great pattern for your prize!

Didn't realize you were having hand trouble. Sorry to hear it and hope it heals quickly!!

Von said...

I know you want to stitch, but don't do too much before you're ready!! Hang in there. :)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your win! Your table topper is looking great.


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