Wednesday, September 21, 2011

L.A.C.E. class

On Saturday, Karol and I went to the L.A.C.E.
spool knitting class.

Karol used wire and awesome pink + green beads. Watch for picture on her blog, Rosebuds Stitching!

I learned a new way to start the spool
(backwards from the way I used the spools as a kid)
and add BEADS.

Here, I used Cebelia #20 with 6/0 craft beads, adding
beads in one row, knitting a row, adding beads. (row isn't quite right as these are circular)

Did you see the awesome spool? They are wooden with a wonderful center.
Large enough for the beads+fiber to fall thru. They are by
Simply Wild Crafts in Naperville, IL.

I was curious how it would look
with #3 crochet cotton - and adding a bead
in every knitted stitch. So perfect, almost
looks like a cord!

My next attempt will be with a black crochet cotton - maybe a size 10.
It is quick and fun to do. A nice way to use up some craft stash I have on hand.

These are the spools I already own.
It took me awhile to get them all in one tin!


Suztats said...

You've gotten some lovely results! We used to call this corking when I was young. It was fun to do, and I can see using this on CQ's, and outlining embroidery, as decorative edging. Thanks.

Jeannette said...

This is so neat & looks very nice. I used to spool knit as a child. Never heard of adding beads - what a great idea!


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