Monday, November 26, 2012

Traveling Bunny ....

I was looking forward to receiving the envelope with
the Bent Creek pattern
The Little Bunny.

What surprised me (aren't needleworkers generous) 
was all the items that came along with the traveling pattern ; )

This beautiful heart is hanging on my calendar.
It was sent in the envelope with
the Traveling Bunny pattern (+ goodies).
Isn't this lovely?      (front above -- back below)
It was from Lee,
who has a nice post with photo of her bunny - HERE.
If you are not familiar with Lee's blog --- head right over!

Gracie tucked in an envelope of
fibers, floss cards, and tapestry needles.
Have you visited her blog?   Go to

Look what Annie added to the traveling pattern (envelope).
Her charming bunny post is HERE.   Another wonderful blog!

And, here are more textiles!   Bea (Canada) tucked in the
lovely heart charms.   Not sure who added the awesome fibers!

When I was reading Lee's blog post, she said she traced
the traveling bunny from America to England.   Back to America.
After a few stitchers, went to Annette (California Stitcher) to 
Bea in Canada, and to New Zealand.    

Before I received the pattern, it had been in the hands of
Anne and Gracie --- this week, when I finish my bunny
I will send it along to Cucki in South Africa
who will send it to Kaye in Australia!!!

Stay tuned .....


Nicola said...

Your heart is exquisite, it must of been so exciting receiving the travelling pattern.

Cathy B said...!

cucki said...

hello dear, its me cucki from south africa..
i am your new happy followers..
glad i found your lovely blog through the traveling pattern..
cant wait to receive and stitch it..
big hugs xx

mainelystitching said...

Super sweet, Lelia!

Annie said...

Just saw this post. That bunny is sure having a great time visiting all these stitchers. Lee's gift is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your finish. Hope he travels well to Cucki's house!


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