Monday, October 17, 2005

I've Been Tagged ....

I didn't know what that meant! Dawn at had to fill me in on tagging. I'm such a fossil.

These are the questions I tried to answer -- and when time permits, check out Dawn's blog. It is awesome.

--7 Things I want to do before I die: successfully get the kids out of the house & out in the world on their own AND save money (ha!)
--7 Things I can do: stitch & read & type & laundry : (
--7 Things I can't do: public speaking OR anything involving the lime light
--7 Things that attract me to another person: Friendliness
--7 Celebrity crushes: None.
--7 Things I say the most:
"Give me strength"
"Frogging sux"
"knock it off"
"No No Nikki" (Tori's cat)
"Luv U"
"Stitch well"
--7 Bloggers I am tagging: I like all the blogs I read .... so check them all out! I don't think I could narrow blogs down to 7. If you read this, go ahead & copy/paste these 7 questions, maybe you will have better luck coming up with SEVEN answers ; )

I'm excited to pull out a WIP from my project list. I think I want to stitch on linen for awhile -- looking forward to getting some stitching in today. Will run errands later!


Anne S said...

Haha, I'm the same as you with tagging ... I got 'tagged' when I first started blogging, and couldn't work out what it meant ... then Dawn tagged me too - when I saw it on a few more sites, the lightbulb finally went on - duh! LOL. Oh well, better late than never - I have a bit of fossil in me too, me thinks :)

Dawn T. said...

Thanks for reading my blog. :) I love reading your blog.

The magnet is really neat!

Anne S said...

BTW, did you know Dutch Treat designs have a few freebies on their site for table toppers ... there are two I like, especially the Xmas one. Not quite enough to tempt me to actually stitch one ... but close ;)


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