Friday, October 21, 2005

Creative Corner

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I read Vero's blog this a.m.   AND Let the tagging begin.  

This is where I stitch ... & if you read this, you are tagged too -- show off your stitching / sewing area(s)!   

Check out Vero's Blog to read the original post.

Update: This basket Image hosted by houses my current project & small kitted things -- The small drawers are full of scissors, needles, magnets, needlebooks, thread winders, floss bobbins, floss-away-bags, tape measures, omnigrid rulers, laying tools -- more stitchy-stuff than I need. And, Ok, I confess to having a few things in my closet. My top shelf houses quilting hoops & wool roving & quilt batting. Under that are stitching books, Two zipper notebooks of pattern leaflets, EGA newsletters, EGA course manuals/books AND general school supply notebooks / graph paper notebooks Image hosted by Under my clothing bar I put a lot of crafty stuff ... The large container Image hosted by Photobucket.comin my closet -- (kits & linen scraps--more stitching oddments). Blue nylon bag is my EGA bag - currently housing beaded stuff. My WIPs in boxes & bags are on top of the container. Behind you can see my sketch books (manequins for sketching). To the side are magazines: NeedleArts, Ornament, SAN-Q, Fine arts (2 rows). There are 2 shoe boxes of dmc floss & one box with Anchor & Danish Flower threads. In my wardrobe, I use a couple shelves Image hosted by Photobucket.comfor table toppers (left), rolled WIPs under tabletoppers -- boxes of flower thread & silk. Next shelf with afghan, perle cotton underneath. White boxes: one with clip-on magnifier and one box of buttons & charms. (behind the afghan are small boxes of beads.) q-snaps are tucked in with my handbags on the bottom shelf.

Guess most of my stuff is 'hidden' from view. I wish I had a room though. I would go in & never come out!


Danielle said...

You have a really lovely little stitching area!! I don't really have such a nice area, but I will share my "places" at home I stitch later! it is fun to see how others have made a place for themselves!

Von said...

Such a nice corner you've set up for yourself! I've been working on my area a little at a time over the last few weeks and I just love seeing what other people have done for themselves. You never know when someone else's idea will inspire you to improve your own! Happy stitching :)

Christine Doyle said...

You are so tidy! That can't be all your stitching stuff, though! C'mon, show it all! lol

Cathy said...

As soon as I get a digital camera I'll post a picture of my stitching room! I'll have to clean it first! Your creative corner looks pretty organized!

Jenna said...

Yep, I'm working on mine. Waiting to take pictures until the morning so that there will be some light coming in the windows, even if it's still raining outside.

You HAVE to post pics of the rest of your stuff, though! I'm even going to show my closet. ;)

Barbara said...

With the kids, I can't leave much around. I just sit on a corner of the sofa (if it's evening, and I can actually sit still). I keep my WIPS in ziplock bags in the bookshelf. Not really much to photograph. Love your picture!

Gina E. said...

I don't have a set place to stitch - I just go to where the light is best, depending on the time of day. My craft room/library is probably the best place as it faces south and the day light is constant all day. But my desk is right in front of the window, so to make the most of the light I have to drag the desk away from the window and position a chair there. The chair in that room is an old kitchen chair and is not comfortable to sit on for any length of time, so I don't usually stitch in there for long periods of time!!


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