Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do you Mark? Yes, I Do ; )

Image hosted by Photobucket.comToday's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Cathy ( ) and is:
Q. Do you mark or hi-lite your patterns or can you follow them without any markings? Do you make copies to mark up, or do you mark originals?

A. I make a working copy of everything. If I am confused by a particular motif, I'll use a post-it note to help me keep my stitching "place". I jot down notes - color changes - sometimes will use color pencils when deciding on color changes ... or may hi-lite areas when I quit stitching for the evening. I like to cut out portions of patterns + put them on my project with a magnet. Less eye movement! Plus, nice place to rest my needles. My working copies are such a mess when I am done with a project ... Only good for the litter bin at that point.

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Cathy said...

I don't mark my patterns at all. Like you, I will make a working copy if I need to highlight or mark something.

My daughter (13) does use the highlighter though - it helps her to keep track of where she's at!

Chelle said...

I love the idea of cutting out parts of the working copy and putting them on the piece with a magnet. Darlin', you are the smartest cookie I know!!


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