Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Got a Gift!

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Purely Samplers, "Button Heart Sampler" c.1994. Homespun Elegance Ltd designs by Sandra Sullivan.

My Mom, Grammy K, made this nice pillow for our anniversary. Too Cute!! I was very surprised, b/c I already have the buttons,pattern,etc to make one. yeah, well, never got around to it -- guess Grammy K remembered us shopping together & knew I liked that pattern. If I every get thru my WIPs -- I still would like to make one with green substituting the blue -- Would be cute to have two of them with DH & my initials. How high school cute.


Barbara said...

How sweet of your Mom to make you the HE pillow! I'd fall right over if my mom did that... LOL

Thanks a lot for the CEC link. Somehow I missed it in your sidebar.

Cathy said...

Very cute. Happy Anniversary!

Christine Doyle said...

How wonderful! It is very cute!

BeckySC said...

WHOA!! I love that!! VERY nice and what a wonderful gift :)
Happy Anniversary to you :)

I read some of your other posts tonight and I must say, you do it all :) I admire you...Craft School??? Love it! You're one of a kind :) and some cute stitching :)

hugs to you friend :)

Isabelle said...

Oh wow, that's so cute! How precious! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

Chelle said...

What a wonderful gift! I love Homespun Elegance. Happy Anniversary!

Vero M said...

Cute Cute Cute !!
I did this one too and added woodenn buttons.
Beautiful !!


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