Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring has Sprung : )

Image hosting by PhotobucketPhoto taken by DH from our backyard garden. Yellow makes me cheerful!

And, in response to a challenge from Kim:

Image hosting by PhotobucketI'm currently a tea drinker. My favorite is a blend of Constant Comment & Mint. Being allergic to most berries, I have to be really careful of tea -- lots of tea list elderberries, etc. for flavorings. I have found some nice Ginger-Peach, Apricot, Darjeeling, English Breakfast & Jasmine blends that I enjoy with Mint or Lemon. I tried some green tea flavors, & like a ginseng blend. Today, when I go shopping, I'm going to pick up some cinnamon ... What blends of tea do you like?

Image hosting by PhotobucketThese are my retired coffee mugs -- my "on the go" mug + "around the house" mug. Luckily, DH still enjoys his morning brew!

In December, I gave up drinking coffee. It seemed a habit needing to be broken--& I still crave it all the time. Tea was a good option; however, took awhile to find something I enjoyed!! In addition to the giving up coffee, I cut down & then, swore off all desserts. Thus far, 11 lb. weight loss without coffee & desserts. Need to add in some walking & hope to be a smaller "me" by Summer. Keeping my fingers crossed & wish me luck!!


Von said...

Hi Lelia! You have a lovely tea cup and I especially like your English tea tin. :D One blend that I particularly like is Lady Grey. It's been awhile since I've bought it, so I can't remember just what I liked about it, but now that you've mentioned it, I'm going to look for it this week!
Congrats on losing the weight. I should do the same - at least give up the desserts!
We'll have to cheer each other on in the Battle for the Bedroom with our teens! This week I have to take on my dd, who turns 18 tomorrow. It's a little touchier situation with her tho and I can't use the same tactics as I did with the boys. After writing about cleaning the boys' room, my oldest married dd called me and said she was cleaning up her room now, lol!!!

Christine Doyle said...

I can't imagine ever giving up coffee, but I recognize the necessity. You are a better woman than I!
In the afternoon I like to have tea, mostly since I think brewing a new pot of coffee would be excessive. In that regard, I am a strict Earl Grey chick. If I run out, Orange Pekoe will do, but not very well. (How boring am I? lol)

Lili said...

Yessss! I'm a tea drinker too, which is quite odd here in France. And I also drink it in English china. Imagine: when you order some tea in a café, what do you get? Lipton yellow! Yuck!!! Can't drink that...
There isn't much choice around here except tea with berries (I am allergic too), mint tea (still gotta find a good one)....
My favourites are: Ceylan, Darjeeling, and -strangely- PG tips that I buy in bulks when I go to England. They're sweet teas. The worst one I have ever tried is smoked tea (Lapsang Souchong).
I also need to lose weight, but when I cut on desserts, I end up eating sweets...
I loved your comment on my blog about the mother, it cheered me up seeing I made you laugh!
Take care!

Jenna said...

Good taste in teas, gal! I'm a Constant Comment person myself. Everything else just tastes like grass to me. LOL. Terry has found a really yummy smelling (I haven't tasted it yet) tea from Stash called Double Bergamot Earl Grey. Not sure if it's one you would be able to drink or not, but you should just smell it. Let me know if you'd like to try it and I can send a couple of bags.

Good for you on giving up desserts! I think sugar has a lot to do with weight gain and weight loss. Congrats on finding a combination that is working for you. :)

Gina E. said...

Hi Lelia, I drink more tea than coffee, but if I am out somewhere and I can smell fresh coffee brewing, I can't resist a latte or cappuccino! I don't have any particular favorite blends, but Ken and I always make a pot of freshly brewed tea to have after dinner at night - NOT teabags. I love that canister on the right in your photo! There are some gorgeous canisters around, and I have a small collection on spare shelves in the kitchen, but I have to stop myself from picking up any more...I collect enough stuff now!

AnneS said...

I'm a strange breed - I have coffee at work, and I'll sometimes drink 3 cups a day ... but at the weekends I rarely have one when I'm at home - unless I have visitors, or if I'm out, when I love a cappuccino. Enjoy teas for a change, but haven't found an absolute favourite yet ... Good on you for cutting out desserts and coffee - way to go! I really need some of your awesome willpower! :D


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