Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Buddies without Blogs

I enjoy hearing from my stitchie pals -- and, wish they would jump on the blogging band wagon. I put their comments & names in my posts + wish I could share all their projects, too. My friends are delightful, witty, funny, and talented beyong belief. Their blogs would be 100 times better than mine.

I heard from Kay O (who is working on the Drawn Thread Sampler Game Board SAL) that she hadn't been stitching much & recently went on vacation to Alaska. (do we envy her?????) And, ya know, wouldn't we all love to see photos of Alaska on her blog? If she had one? And her progress on the SAL???

One recent, favorite e-mail was from Tina who writes: "I really wish that you post every day" and she continues to tell me "Gotta run. Tony wants to go pick out new glasses and since he can't see I have to pick them out for him. Let's hope that I stay in a good mood or Tony might look like a geek in his new glasses." Oh Tina -- you are a riot. Your blog would be daily entertainment for the rest of us with dull & boring lives.

Melody, how are you? I haven't heard from you -- I do enjoy all the funny jokes you pass my way.

Sunday, Sue D, Elaine, Deb L, & I entered items into the Porter County Fair. I forget which mornings I'll be in the Home Ec building. Good thing I wrote them down someplace : D

Earlier in the week, Sue D had phoned to tell me (among other things) she didn't have anything to enter. HUH?? Sue D is a talented needleworker, excellent teacher (taught me the ins/outs of cord making, mill hill kits, beading, + more) & totally creative. I visited her & we found TEN items to enter. Yeah, T-E-N ... from the woman who claims to have zero time to stitch.

Eventually, when the ribbons are presented, I'll post results.


Jenna said...

Your friend Sue cracks me up. 10 items! Goodness. :)

Von said...

Maybe with a little nudge and cheering some of your pals will enter the blogosphere! Just try it, you'll have some fun! :D


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