Saturday, January 27, 2007

progress photo

This should look nicer when the birds are added. I enjoy stitching on this motif! I don't have much more to do.

Last I heard from Tori, she was not feeling well, cold & sore throat. Now, the boys are not well [Nick with headcold & Alex with fever+sore throat]. I don't think DH is much better. I want to avoid this 'bug' and want them all to be healthy by Monday.

After some quick housework, I stayed away from them -- stitching & listening to an audio book, called Thirteen Moons


Vonna said...

Oh, it's looking lovely! Are these the charted colors or did you change them? The colors are fabulous!
Good job!

Tobie said...

Oh, you're almost finished! Do you have plans for finishing it?
Stay warm and Hope you avoid the bugs!

BeckySC said...

It looks great! I am happy to see this one coming along-as I almost stitched it for the For the Birds exchange last year, but had not seen it stitched up, so I chose something else-I like it :)
Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

OK... this time I really can tell that it is your WIP and not from the website - looks great though! Hope every gets/stays healthy!

Lana said...

It is coming along! I love it! It is beautiful! hope you can stay healthy with all that sickness int he household! me and DH have had is that time of year!

Annemarie said...

This is such a lovely project you're stitching. The colours are beautiful.
I hope the bugs stay well out of your way!

Sue said...

Your piece looks great, I suspect the next pic will be with it finished :)

Jenna said...

Nice work! Looks like you are close to a happy dance!


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