Friday, September 07, 2007

American Heart Assoc - 18 Aug 2007

Is this kewl or what??? The scissors were a gift [thanks!] and the heart was a 'kit' designed by Linda, owner of House of Stitches, LaPorte IN.

I was a volunteer for the Midwest Stash Exchange & was assigned to the "make-it, take-it" table. Guests of the event donated $1.00 for the kit & quickly made up this sweet fob for their scissors or for a zipper pull on their sweatshirts/jackets.

If anybody wants a kit -- there were some left over. they should be available from House of Stitches, with proceeds going to the American Heart Assoc

Per e-mail from House of Stitches: ".... snip .... On August 18 we held the first annual Midwest Stash Exchange. It was a great day with stitchers buying, selling and trading their old stash! The weather was surprisingly cool and pleasant. And best of all we raised nearly $700.00 for the American Heart Association. (We chose the charity before I had a “cardiac event”!) We plan to do it again next year; hope you can join us! Stayed tuned for the date. ... snip"

Oh my stitching friends, you would not believe the nifty stuff I bought!! I found a couple used paperback books on samplers -- some sampler motif kits, sampler [repro]patterns -- some Blackbird Loose Feather patterns/linens, Homespun Elegance small patterns, Hillside Sampling pattern, etc, etc, etc. I enjoyed chatting with Ruth Ann, Sue D, Deb L, Amanda G, Gen C & met her daughter, Nancy was there -- Donna was selling -- and most promised to bring MORE next year. some I have not seen in a couple years : ) Nice to catch up with friends and meet NEW ONES. Like Pat and Conie ... yes, you know who you are ... and I owe you an e-mail : )

I am rusty blogging tonight. Nice to have the house to myself as DH & the boys are at the Railcats baseball game. Tomorrow is the Popcorn Festival in Valop -- Nicholas will be marching ... not sure what the weather will be like


monique said...

The stash exchange sounds like loads of fun. I wish we had something like that here. And that fob is very cute :)

Anonymous said...

It WAS a fun day, wasn't it? Seeing so many old friends and meeting new ones. I bought more than I sold--got some great bargains on antique sampler books.

I didn't even have to make my little heart--an angel did it for me. It is perfect as a scissors fob, but I have so many fobs already, so I have decided to use mine as a Christmas tree ornament.

I'm really looking forward to next year's stash exchange! RR

Red said...

A Stash Exchange...What Fun!!!!

Myrna said...

Sounds like some great stash! Glad you had a good time...


Lauren said...

Wow, that sounds wonderful! You'll have to share pictures of everything you got!


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