Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Counted Cross Stitch Bear

Per request, a close-up of the small bear [from yesterday's photograph]. Somebody has to explain to me how I can get an e-mail, make a reply, and have it bounce right back to me. It is spam because I attach a photograph??? I'm confused.
Stitched by my Mother
  • Nicholas and Friends, Counted Cross Stitch Bears
    c. 1986 by Liz Turner Diehl, Inc.

    This bear was made by my Mom. My Mom made oodles of cross stitched bears a few years back. When I visited her, I told her I liked the one [in photograph above] best -- next thing I knew, it was mine!!

    She gave them away to friends & family as holiday gifts. She made stuffed bears, and also stitched the motif on a square aide cloth which she created pockets on the outside of pre-made tote bags. She'd stitch the design & with sewing machine, add it right to the tote bag.

    Web link HERE for specific info re. the pattern.

    Barbara said...

    What a cute bear! My mom put her scissors and needles away permanently once my brother and I were adolescents ... sadly, as she was INCREDIBLLY talented. I swear that woman could make anything.

    June said...

    What a precious little bear! :)

    Susimac said...

    What a really cute bear your mum made for you. Mums are great aren't they ans so inspiring.

    Suzanne said...

    What a cute little bear! You have a great mum. I love the scissor box.

    Mary said...

    Darling bear!

    Sally said...

    What a gorgeous bear!

    Von said...

    Oh my gosh! I had that book about 23 years ago and made a few of those bears myself for my first little ones! :D What a flashback!

    stitcherw said...

    What a cute bear, your mom did a beautiful job. Your needlecase looks like it will be very pretty when done, what a fun way to store things and how perfect that your scissors fit inside too.


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