Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Inquiring Minds ...

Since I received more than one comment & e-mail re. this ... I'm posting photos. The interior is large enough for scissors -- has magnetic sides. The top is wooden & the idea is to stitch the project, center it & lace it around the cardboard [matboard?] and glue in place. I am not the most craftie person & wondered what glue stitchers would use to keep it attached!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol: I've been lacing the fabric to the cardboard and then using ultra-tacky double-stick tape to mount it into the wooden box. I've seen it at scrapbooks shops and at Michaels--it has a pink "protective" strip and is very, very tacky. It comes in rolls like masking tape and I've been using it for everything. Before that I used tacky glue The tacky glue is very permanent. With the tape if at some point I change my mind, it's likely I'll be able to pry the needlework up and put something else in or wash and replace it. Marjorie

Barbara said...

Just reading Marjorie's comment, as things like this tend to totally mystify me ... ;)


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