Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tabletopper WIP, update

Thx for your comments & e-mails re. my sampler motifs. I've been stitching some motifs from Sarah Tobias & AH 1808 Sampler. It is just for fun - I don't know what to do with them. I took photographs with scissors to clarify the colors. The pics never seem to be acurate with colors. I suppose they could become fobs; however, I don't think I have that many pairs of scissors! Meanwhile, here is my tabletopper:
This is Spring Floral Tabletopper c.2000, designed by Claudia Dutcher, Dutch Treat Designs

After trying a couple different color combos, I asked DH to choose. I'm using The Caron Collection #057 Buttercup [yellow]. DMC perle #5: 800 [blue]; 208 [purple]; 210 [lilac]; 3348 [lt green]; 3347 [med green]; and 3346 [dk green].

This will be a wonderful addition to my tabletopper collection.

As for the questions received via e-mail, the information can be found HERE and freebie patterns to try are HERE. Also, it seems some e-mails are bouncing & ending up in spam boxes -- I don't know why, please e-mail again!!! I'm not trying to ignore : )

I hope you are enjoying the The April Needlework Show. I found several interesting projects, and esp enjoyed seeing clothespin dolls! at the The Needle's Notion page. My Mother made one for me [years ago] & she also gave me a clothespin doll made by her friend. They are charming.


Kim B said...

Your tabletopper looks so beautiful!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your tabletopper is beautiful. I love the colors. DH made a good choice ;)

Barbara said...

I'd never seen a clothespin doll before. How neat!

Barb said...

The tabletopper is so pretty! Great selection of colors for it.

Suzanne said...

Your table topper is looking really beautiful. I love the colour choice. All those sampler motifs are great and they would definitely make great scissor fobs. A great excuse to buy a few more pairs of scissors.

Wendy said...

Love the table topper! I have never done one of these, I'm afraid my family is too messy :-D

Sharon said...

This looks beautiful!

Jenna said...

Your tabletopper color combinations are coming out just right. I really like it!


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