Sunday, August 21, 2011

new stash

OK, I'm a bit behind on the blogging --- went into LaPorte for the Stash Sale / Fundraiser for Riley Children's Foundation. Was that a week ago?

I was fortunate to locate a few gems in the sale booths.
Scarlet Letter
Polly Miner Sampler

Misc rabbit motifs, Homespun Elegance patterns, and a spot sampler by The Drawn Thread

GF, Sue, had some net lace patterns - they are so interesting! Not sure how it is done, but very very interesting!!

Also, GF Mel had a stack of back issues for PieceWork Magazine. They are in the car - so, next time I'm waiting for DH or boyz, I"ll have an issue to read!!! I bought a few issues from Gen, too.

Nice selection at the sale this year. A little bit for everybody. Aside from shopping ---

Did enjoy lunch with Beth + Linen Stitcher. Nice to see Fran, Chris R, Karen W -- along with those selling, Mel, Sue + Gen. What a great afternoon! Nice weather, new stash, and a fun lunch!

I have more to post about, tho, quite tired. Stay tuned ....


mainely stitching said...

Sounds like such a fun day, Lelia! :D

Dawn said...

What fabulous finds. Great stitching and reading FUN!
Thank you for sharing!


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