Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday ....

Following a wonderful Carrickmacross Class [taught by Anne Reaves] ... 

DH + I Enjoyed the 2pm tour at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.   The exhibit, Matisse, Life in Color, was colorful and impressive.    Should time permit, don't hesitate to visit and see the collection.   

The last Matisse exhibit I saw with with DS in 2010.   It was at the Art Institute of Chicago.   While it is always a challenge to compare - there are good things in all exhibits, I have to admit the pieces in Indianapolis were just spectacular.   

More information on the IMA Web site, Link HERE.   Thank you Baltimore Museum of Art for sharing!   
Before our entry time, for Matisse tour, we enjoyed a quick peek at some fav paintings ... namely,
Claude Monet Charing Cross Bridge
John Sharman At the End of the Porch
[I want to live on this porch]
Amedeo Modigliana The Boy

We enjoyed our visit to the IMA.   The Bald Cypress Trees were show-offs!!!   The sky so blue [think Florida blue sky] and trees just starting to shed:

Photos taken in front of the Museum before we entered.    

Delighted to hear from DD, while in the Gabor Peterdi special exhibit - intricate etchings & marvelous colors!, and, arranged to meet her at Oliver Winery!
As we arrived ahead of her, we picked up our club order and then took the tour.   Was interesting to go behind the store and learn more about wine production.   I enjoyed the barrels - photos in THIS POST on their blog.   Especially the oval ones == $35,000.00 ones, photos in their blog post.   I think they are just So large and beautiful!

We were getting scores from the Football game, on DH's phone.   Game at Indiana University.
and decided to drive on campus for Mother Bear's Pizza + Starbuck's coffee to go.
Again, Cypress trees showing off!
and other trees in Autumn color.   We parked at the Union and the game was in the final quarter.   Nice to walk around & see the autumn colors in the trees --- went to get pizza / get a table before the fans arrived following the game.   
And, I.U. won their game [against Illinois].   Seemed quite festive around campus.

Enjoyed spending time with DD + was sad to leave for drive home.


cucki said...

So beautiful..
Thank you for sharing
Hugs x

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Well, that was sure a rich and full day! It sounds perfect.


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