Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two weeks old ...

It has been raining with high winds, lightening, thunder & etc., since before 5am... why do I know this? b/c DH was called at 4:50a.m. Today is his first day of vacation & he went in to the office. The power has been off/on since then ... several times. I reset the clocks 3 times.

I visited the garage & didn't have the heart to disturb the sleeping kittens. Mom cat came out & ate ... she is becoming quite friendly. I took another picture & blogger must be tired b/c I cannot get it to load right now. I'll try again in a minute.

The clock on WGN - channel 9 (t.v.) says 8:52
The clock in the bedroom says 8:49
The microwave clock says 8:51
The stove clock says 8:50
The computer says 8:52
my cell phone says 8:53

Does that sort of stuff irritate anyone but me??? I swear if I wore a wrist watch I'd shoot myself.

oh, here is that cute photo -- the grey/white kitten moved a little bit & you can see how much these kitties are growing. I give all the credit to their Mom cat. She does a good job.

Heard from Tina & she might be starting her own blog. Now that is music to my ears. I'd delight in having more of my friends blog. Also, heard from Marjorie who is following Sharon's 100 Details in 100 Days. The links to her posts are just fantastic!


Maya Madhavan said...

It does annoy me too when every clock in the house says something different. A couple of days ago at the train station, the overhead display on the platform was 3 mins faster than the clock at the ticket counter! I thought that was especially nasty - a nice way to trip up someone who is running for a train, considering the trains seem to be following the time on the platform.

The kittens are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Terri said...

I would love to have the grey and white one. It matches my Bandit! I think every clock in my house is different too and it bugs the mess out of me. I go by my wristwatch since I have it matched to the clock at work.

lena-lou said...

Oh your kittens are so cute..I love them and cats but think 6weeks old is the youngest I have seen...wish I could have one :-) My clocks all say different times as well!

Singular Stitches said...

They are SO adorable!! I just love those little noses! Please keep those update pics of them coming! :o)

Bastet said...

My watch can't keep what time I tell it to save it's skin, but it's close enough for what I need it for. As for the clocks around the apartment...well...the computer clock has the same problem my watch does, the microwave clock goes out each time there's a brown out, the tv one hasn't been reset in 4 years at least, but the VCR one is close and the cable one well, can't complain but it's close to the time I get when I call time and temp. That said...the kittens are adoreable! I remember when Marble was that young. My father got a bit pissy when Tiger (mommy kitty) let me be the first and only one to touch and pick up the kittens till they were six weeks old and then let everyone else hold them. (she was his cat)

Carol said...

Aw, what adorable kittens! Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it bothers me too! I always run around and reset the clocks after power outages. Fortunately, I keep backup batteries in all of the clocks so they keep their time, but I have to reset the oven and microwave clocks every time. On those days where we have multiple outages in a row, I get very annoyed. ;)

P.S. The kitties look beautiful! I'm glad that their momma is doing such a great job.


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