Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pin Cube WIP, Alexander's crabbies

Q&A's - I realize I tend to put photos on my blog without much wording. So, here are a couple photos to answer questions. I finished the stitching for 2 sides. The other four sides will have applique pins inserted.I doubt I'll get to the finishing until this week-end. As always, you can click on the photos for enlarged view.

Q&A's: This is a photograph from Just Cross Stitch Magazine, December 2004. This is what the pin cubes look like. Pins inserted on 4 sides & stitched designs on 2 sides. I don't know if these kits are still available. It is one of the items from my Basket of NAY*. The finishing instructions say to lace the linen around cardboard squares & whip them together. They are not stuffed. Perhaps other stitchers have already made them??

Alex has two pet hermit crabs. (another longish story) Yesterday, Alex & I went to the pet store (where Alex works) and bought new habitat gizmos for his crabbies. We have a new tank, new lid, humidity thermometer, temperature thermometer, overhead lighting, day & night bulbs, new sand, new climbing material (not yet in the tank).

We almost forgot to buy the 'lid' - could you imagine the cats in the habitat? Perhaps they'd think it was a litter box?

Aren't they exciting creatures?? NOT!!Thank goodness he didn't want those little snakes that they sell (at the pet store -- yikes). They are in similar habitats and just give me the creeps.

*NAY = Not another year


Tammy said...

We had hermit crabs for a long time--my son called them "bonus" pets, lol. Your pin cube is going to be great!

mainely stitching said...

Love the setup for the hermit crabs - it's like a little Japanese garden! ;)

Karan said...

Crabs aren't too bad. It could be a whole lot worse..... as in something slimey & seriously ugly! LOL


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