Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blog Comments & Lists with a Twist

I feel special today. Someone put an ad in my comments section. yes, I'm sure everybody rushes to check them out. : ( I learned what that trash can icon is for. While I was doing that, another ad was added. And Another. Maybe I'll have to shut down comments for a few days. Sigh. Today is errand day & Mom's Taxi service day. I will be in the car more than my home. Some days are like that.....

Freebie chart chat: I finally found my Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin freebie -- called Sew & Sew. I've looked for it x 1 month & came across it yesterday.

While surfing blogs (is that correct?) I came across Jenna's Tale of a Shooting Star .... she has her projects listed by WIP, Kitted, rotation projects, etc. Honest, typed them all out into lists. I've noticed other bloggers do the same /similar thing .... make lists .... or put photos up of projects to be done in the future. I've been pondering this a couple days & might make up some sort of list/lists -- or Lists with a Twist. I'm thinking it would be good for me to list my WIPs -- and on-going stitching stuff (ie SAL, Mystery Sampler, etc) to make room for more stash ; )

Isabelle: I took a close-up of the kittens. This is a Morningstar Embroidery Group design - made with Ginnie thompson Flower thread on 28ct ivory linen. See: I think you could substitute with Danish Flower Thread (colors black, white, 503, 19, &54). I got a great tip for the faces. Lay thin cotton muslin under your linen -- use a sharp needle & stitch thru linen & cotton. The threads don't shadow on the face section. Once the stitching is complete - back stitch all around and close by whipping the backstitches shut. I put a small amount of quilt bat inside -- very small amount.

JD: My creative corner IS very small. Scroll frames are on a loop of cording -- I sort of wrap the cording around the knobs and hang it up over the nails. I'm sure yarn or ribon would work - nothing scratchy to preserve the paint on the walls! It is incentive to get-around-to-it. After reading about one stitcher who had her fabric fade in the sun, I'm rethinking this .... maybe hanging them up isn't such a good idea after all! The chest of drawers is from Hobby Lobby. Each drawer is apx 1" deep.

Carol: I did see Becky's Cube finish on her Heart-in-Hand, Wee Woolie. She does some fine finishing ; ) I'm not up to that level yet.

Cathy: Best of luck to you at the fair! Keep us 'posted' on results.

Danielle: I need to get a photo album (free one) going for my pictures. Would take too long to upload all the digital snaps here. Chelle suggested more pics, too. After the children are back in class, I'm going to look at the yahoo albums. I saw one (cannot recall which blogger had one, & it was nice. Could sent post cards of pics, etc. For free.

Karen: NOVA? You are brave. On the EGA Yahoo group, a stitcher reported finishing it after 14 years. A hiatus must be common with this project. It is spectacular once stitched.


Isabelle said...

Lelia, many thanks for taking the time to take the pic and explaining and directing me to the website. Of course now I want the kit! ;o) Got to think though... Shipping costs more than the chart but that could be a good excuse to order another item from the shop... Naughty me!

Thank you so much for your precious information and tips!

Chelle said...

Hurrah that you found the Mary Garry freebie. I hate when stuff goes missing! Love the idea of Lists with a Twist - great idea! Hope you are having a safe day out and about. Ciao!

KarenV said...

14 years - wow! I don't feel so bad now - it's taken me 1.5 years to do 4.5 rows LOL ;) The close up picture of First Steps looks really good BTW!

lena-lou said...

Hi, I came to your blog through a search for Mary Garry's freebie Sew & Sew (as I have looked all over for ages for it) and am just wondering...where did you get it from , or did you just re-find one you already had?? Thank-you!

stefania said...

Hi from italy. Please would you so kind to let me know where have you found freebie sew & sew of Mary Garry. Thanks so much for your nswer.
My mail is

Severine said...

Hi! I've also discovered your blog through a search for MG's sew & sew; would you so kind as to tell me where you found it? or send it to me, if you can? That would be really nice.

Severine said...

ooops i forgot to give u my email address
it's severine.laurent




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