Friday, October 07, 2005

Friendship Project (NANI)

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How do you like this sampler? Seven NANI members (EGA chapter) participated in this project. My theme was alphabets. I put in the center section, outside border, and dividing borders/bands. Then, it was passed around every month. My idea was to stitch their names around the outside - the date - some critters (bunnies or birds). I think it may need a small border around that, too. I haven't graphed the names yet. I'm just happy how it turned out.

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The left side was stitched by: Elaine H, Sue D, and Bernie W.

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The right side was stitched by: Grammy K, Ann S, and Jan C.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you. I hope you are as thrilled with your samplers as I am with mine.


Isabelle said...

It's fabulous Lelia! What a precious RR piece!

Jenna said...

What a wonderful idea! It looks perfect. :)

My Life In Stitches said...

Oh this is lovely! What a treasure for you to have.
Happy Stitching,

Barbara said...

Ooooh, that's really a great project!! You all must be so happy with how it came out. Great work!

Chelle said...

Wowzie!! Takes my breath away. Love it!


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