Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ornament Finish

This is my version of Pear Tree from the 2006 JCS Orn magazine - designed by Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks. I used 32-count Confed Grey Linen with Dried Thyme + Nutmeg (GAST), Amber (WDW), #341 & #375 Anchor floss. The 'pot' is a variation of a freebie from the Workbasket web site.

If you would like to see this pattern stitched OVER ONE, check out Vonna's blog under her December 13, 2006 post!

I enjoyed participating in the week-end SAL & if you are interested in viewing more ornaments, see theOrnament SAL blog.

Cathy asked about how I plan to finish my freebie - Berthi's Birdbath. I am not sure! I stitched it just for fun. Just for me. I was in the mood for some repro sampler stitching that day.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Pear Tree

This is Pear Tree by Little House Needleworks from the 2006 JCS Orn Mag. I'm using over dye fibers (so far) on 32-ct Conf Grey Linen. Stitching from my stash instead of using the materials suggested.

I started this ornament for the SAL [over the week-end] & realized the border in the pattern was not the same on both sides. So -- had to frog some & restitch some of the border. If not for the re-do ... maybe I would have finished the pears : )

I am gobsmacked by all the stitchers who not only stitched -- they FINISHED their ornaments during the week-end. Quite a feat. And - for those FAST stitchers ... stop laughing at all my slow-poke x's!!!


A bit more added ...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stitchie sort of news

This is Berthi's Birdbath -- I really enjoyed working on this motif! I used DMC floss from the pattern on 32-count French Lace Linen.

Progress Picture: This is "Herb Garden" by Little House Needleworks. I haven't done much!!

Thanks for asking about the kids & pets. I have posts about them on my other blog.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

progress photo

This should look nicer when the birds are added. I enjoy stitching on this motif! I don't have much more to do.

Last I heard from Tori, she was not feeling well, cold & sore throat. Now, the boys are not well [Nick with headcold & Alex with fever+sore throat]. I don't think DH is much better. I want to avoid this 'bug' and want them all to be healthy by Monday.

After some quick housework, I stayed away from them -- stitching & listening to an audio book, called Thirteen Moons

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now an image.

This morning, I was not able to get this photograph to upload w/Blogger. I cannot explain my frustration with something that should be so simple to do. I could upload images from web sites & not from my own picture file.

Anyhow ... this was my stitching progress [as of this a.m.] on the freebie from my previous post. Called Berthi's Birdbath. I am stitching this with DMC floss on 32-count linen, French Lace. This is a motif from a 1776 Dutch Sampler. Textile Collection web site of Berthi Smith-Sanders has a couple more freebies. One very kewl peacock & another sampler motif.

SBQ & other things

Today's SBQ was suggested by Danielle and is:

What company produces your favorite hand-dyed fabric? Are there any companies whose hand-dyed fabric you do not like? If so, why?

The permalink to this post is Renée's Blog >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
"Stitched with Love and Cat Hair"

My Answer: I don't usually used hand-dyed fabrics. I do look forward to reading posts from stitchers who do!!

I enjoyed reading Katrina's blog AND Chelle's Blog posts re. goals & organization in their stitching. Which sparked other bloggers comments & posts. I love it when bloggers chime in & share their thoughts+ideas.

Leah asked about the finishing of my project [previous post]. The outside edge is the usual, make back stitches all the way around [front & back linen pieces] and whip stitch them together. For the other ... looks like quilting: It is a simple running stitch made around the design. I use a sharp needle and stitch from the front straight thru the back and tighten. If you hold the project on edge - you can easily manage the stitches. The secret, of course is keeping the stitches even. I've done this a few times.

I'm stitching this freebie with DMC floss on 32-count linen. Pattern can be found here

Monday, January 22, 2007

Looking for linen ... found cat buttons & overdye fibers!

Did you read Vonna's blog about her linen ... effects from baking it??? And the results were very good! Kewl Beans. Check out her post & picture.

This is my ONE and ONLY try with Apricot Tea. it was a NANI challenge & I decided to use traditional blackwork motifs with non-traditional silk colors. I did manage to get the color I wanted with apricot tea bags & soaking in a large pan.

Does anybody want to be in an e-mail recipe exchange? If yes, send me an e-mail [link in sidebar] I have an e-mail & need to send it to ten people. I have a feeling most of the people I know already are involved. I do have a nice cookie recipe -- a very EASY recipe. So, let me know.

I spent the entire afternoon looking for a scrap of linen .... knew I had a piece of blue-green linen & the hunt was on. Meanwhile, found so many nice patterns, buttons, over dye fibers, etc. Found three cat buttons + the pattern that goes with them!! All in one bag : ) Found 'Moon Garden' pattern -- not sure if I have the linen & over dye stuff. What an enjoyable afternoon!! My closet has many treasures. I'm looking forward to getting some of these going in 2007.

Anna: if you like the LHN I'm working on [YES, there is a row of stitching on that linen - tho the photo is quite krappy] there is another one by LNS you might prefer (totally cute rabbits)

It is called Morning Berries.

Photo from the web site:

I saw this one AND I was so tempted to purchase it; however, opted to work on Herb Garden first!!

Herb Garden

Last night, after the two football games were over ... I started a new stitchie project.

This is Herb Garden c.2004 Designed by Diane Williams, Little House Needleworks. I am using DMC floss on 28-count Lilac Cashel linen. 63w x 96h

This is a photo of the project - from the web site:

Country Garden

This is the first project I finished stitching in 2007 -- and the answer to SBQ

Country Garden, Blackbird Designs, c.2004, Designed by Alma Allen


Today's SBQ is: Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?The permalink to this post is Renée's Blog

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"Stitched with Love and Cat Hair"

ANSWER: Country Garden

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Some stitching accomplished ...

Had lots to do yesterday; however, did manage to finish the border. I would like to get this stitched up today.

To respond to questions: Thanx for all the comments & questions. I seem to be getting more e-mails lately as blogger comment section is iffy at times. I, too, have had times when I couldn't leave comments. (sigh) I am using 32-count sand belfast linen. I changed one of the suggested over-dye fibers. Other than that, I'm using what the pattern calls for. I want to make this into a smallish pillow. The pink over dye fiber is delightful!!!

If you have not visited Monique's blog ... run right over there for some kewl & exciting stitchie-sort of news.

It continues to snow ... lightly. Maybe we will just have more flurries this afternoon.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

20 Squares

I removed the 'blue flower' motif. Added the lamb at the top. Added the acorn + moon/star motif. Now, back to house construction : )

{updated} Response to questions:
Everyone is welcome to join the SAL
There are 64 squares.
I'm using 32-count lambswool linen, my linen is apx 18" by 18".
Project is 192 stitches wide x 192 stitches long.
Pattern calls for 15 DMC floss colors. I don't know how many skeins are needed of each color b/c I am not finished with the stitching.
The pattern is $8 at House of Stitches
One stitcher in the SAL is going to use overdye fibers AND Chart Corrections are listed on the Drawn Thread Sampler Game Board SAL Blog

Question re. needles

Recently, I received an e-mail about needles ... tapestry needles. And, I went thru my 'stash' and see I own ONE "My Fav Needle" petite size. I rarely use it, probably because I don't want to lose it.

I own a lot of Piecemaker needles ... they are nice to use ... I have a collection of sizes. I use them often. Probably own more of this brand than any other.

And realize, for the DT Game Board Sampler ... I'm using the John James 'Petites' ... Size 28!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

18 Squares ...

18 17 Squares.

UPDATE: Thanks Melissa for sharing the chart corrections on the Game Board Sampler. Seems I need to 'flip' the Blue Flower motif around.

All stitchers are welcome to grab their fibers, pattern, etc & join the SAL. I know one stitcher plans to start Feb 1st. I think there are a dozen stitchers w/blogs (+ two friends w/o blogs] stitching up this Drawn Thread project.


Yesterday ... three more motifs added:

I added the tree on the top row, the floral & bird on the 2nd row. This project is very nice to stitch!

DT Game Board SAL Blog has more photos from other stitchers.

Barbara: I understand. Once you are committed to 'deadline' stitching, you follow thru. It is one reason I decided for 2007 - only two SALs. Last year I had too many deadlines!

It is 4 degrees. Most of the storm passed North of us. There is lake effect snow in our forecast - with possibly 4-6" of snow. In nearby LaPorte & Michigan City -- they are zonked with ice and snow.

Monday, January 15, 2007

15 squares!

11 houses
04 motifs

15 squares stitched

Last week I added the house next to the mouse ... the lion & crown.

More progress pictures can be viewed at the Game Board Sampler Blog

Monday, January 08, 2007

DT Web Page Updated

Sampler of Stitches (Part II)

If you have not checked out Drawn Thread news for 1/7/2007 .... go there! I like the next Toccata, but the sampler of stitches really catches my eye.

Per the web site: "Sampler of Stitches is a series of 9 small samplers which can be worked alone or combined on one cut of linen to form a large single sampler.
We are pleased to offer Part One and Part Two of this series..."

10 homes stitched - 2 motifs stitched

Here is a progress pic of my Game Board. I am trying to fill in the spaces inbetween the houses. It ia a lot of fun. To check out the other SALers ... see Game Board Sampler SAL Blog.

Thank you very much for your kind birthday wishes. It was a great day - tho I wish I could turn back time 10 or 20 years : )

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me : )

Lucky me, I have a birthday & received this smashing fob from Carol, Garden of Stitches Isn't this awesome? The colors are beautiful - stitching spectacular. I asked Carol if it was one of the motifs on the cover of Garden of Stitches.
She replied: "You are so welcome for the fob! I loved making it! Yes, it is from The Gift of Stitching - I used the called for OWS fibers and it was pretty neat how full x's and over one x's combine in thie design! .... I used one strand on 36 ct for yours - I wanted the delicate look : )"

I luv it Carol. Thanks a million.

Thank you, Thank you CathyB : )

How exciting! Look what Cathy, With Needle & Thread gave me? WOOT! A pattern & tin of chocolate. This is very special, Thank you Cathy, I've had my eye on this project. I cannot wait to go thru the pattern & figure out how to make these special sewing smalls. Of course, my boys suggested they help take care of the chocolates!


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