Monday, August 08, 2005

MIOM & Key Lime Almond Joy

MIOM! MIOM! Woot. Today is the day to move something from the WIP pile & get it DONE. Found some WIP candidates + must-do stitching this week.

ONE. Caron Keeper freebie chart x 2 fobs. (got carried away, stitched two of these). Making one for a girlfriend - birthday 8/10. She is a sweetheart & sent me 2 squishies in the mail over the Summer .... She gave me a skein of Waterlillies by Caron AND a Victoria Sampler heart kit. The other fob made with left overs from Drawn Thread...Forget-me-not Fob (freebie) .... EGA classes. Have them pinned & ready to launch the finishing .... (8/9 - still workin on!)

TWO. Project Encore. Just need to whip it shut using a long arm cross stitch. For Grammy K's birthday (Sept) So cool to be ahead of time on her gift. Still pondering a nice pair of scissors. (8/8 DONE)

THREE. (Woot! 8/9 DONE!!!) Camp Quality. Have the stash stuff OUT. Been thinking about the motifs I want to use (spider, web, broomstick) -- I'll draft on paper -- pin to the felt -- stitch thru the paper & felt. Buttonhole edge ..... yuk, that buttonhole isn't a friend of mine. My spacing gets off. Friday deadline. More info on annual volunteering at under outreach programs. Past projects were canvas & aida.

FOUR. Friendship Project - garden/friendship theme. No photos for obvious reasons! Should pass this along by Friday.

FIVE. Sanctuary SAL -- oh my; oh my .... such a neglected sampler. I've enjoyed this project, challenging stitches, lovely colors, interesting detail ... & am behind my group by a few months. Should snap a close up of the part I'm working on ....

Snack of the (last) Week: Peter Paul Almond Joy - bite size: White Chocolate Key Lime flavored coconut - almond candy. Bought a bag for my M-I-L & forgot to take them when we visited! Of course, nobody here likes them -- but ME! I hate my bathroom scale. (and I don't allow the word hate to be uttered in our home ever --- but, my scale and I have issues to resolve) Today, will watch what I eat .... back to salad & fish & chicken & h20 & lighter foods.


Vero M said...

You seems very busy but everything is just lovely :-))
Vero in France

Carol said...

Mmmmm, your candy sounds wonderful! I have been on Atkins for 3+ years - I wish I could remember how yummy candy is :-) Your Sanctuary is stunning! I hope you get back to it soon!!

Chelle said...

Love Sanctuary - WOW!!


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