Wednesday, August 24, 2005

SBQ & Needlebook - MIOM / WIP

SBQ 24 Aug 05: What is the largest project you've ever done? What's the Smallest?

A. The largest project I've ever done is a WIP - called the English Band Sampler, course offered by EGA. ( I started the course in 2003 - received my certificate a month (or two) ago. The sampler still needs more embellishing. One of these days, I'll get it out and work on it again. The smallest project has to be the 3 kittens. (earlier post) I prefer small things, i.e. lapel pins -- taking patterns and stitching over one thread. I enjoy small, in-hand sized projects. btw, would like to do Heart's Content - Sampler Pinkeep ..... soon .... anyone else have that one?

This is the photo off the kit. Remember the Ladies series by Kreinik -- Milkpaint Sampler by Mary Garry. I chose this on 8/22, knowing how few spare minitues I'd have to stitch this week AND because I had some frogging & very little stitching left to complete this charming project (started in 2001). The finishing should be interesting with the hemstitch outer border. I'll keep it simple inside .... more pics when I'm doing the happy dance!
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BeckySC said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Yessiree, I love this piece! Can't wait to see your finish :)
Good work :)
Thanks for sharing :)

Hope there hasn't been many tears today ((((((())))))

Danielle said...

I also have this Milkpaints kit! What fabric are you stitching it on, and are you stitching over one?


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