Monday, August 22, 2005

Stitchers are Kewl, Hip Hoppers & MIOM

This photograph has a couple items of interest. The towel is one of 3 designs by Linda Bird (The Design Connection, Inc.) called Berry Basket. I finished the Strawberries (3rd place ribbon @the fair). Will finish blueberries and blackberries some day. AND my only bee skep -- Mill Hill kit. It was a fun kit to stitch!

I got to thinking over the week-end how totally cool we stitchers are. Plus, was thinking how more kewl I am since blogging .... we often use the 4-letter "F" word -- 5-letter "B" word -- frequently engage in S.E.X. -- we do it & toss it aside into the WTF list. Talk about what is sleeping in our drawers -- creative use of patches -- and get together with other Thread Heads. (the hostess being the Head Thread). I seriously checked out SharonB's Wisdom thru the ages section .... read what seemed like several hundred entries & realize our own Chelle said it all ... just thread the needle, put it in the fabric, and everything else is a suggestion.

Well, Time for me to get out a WIP, start F-ing because it is MIOM : ) : )

------------- For the Non-stitchers & the Un-Kewl: FROG ..... BLOGS .... Stash Enhancing Experience .... Waiting to Finish .... Work In Progress .... Frogging .... Move it out Monday

Frog or Frogging: Rip-It, Rip-It ..... or rip out stitches & re-do ! (Hip Hopping)


Terri said...

Not to mention all the BS that goes on ;)

as in backstitching :D

Lelia said...

Yes! and BS! Got an e-mail from JD about stripping .... floss that is ; )

Carol said...

Cute entry - I like the way you think there!

BeckySC said...

Adorable Bee skep :)

I hav been talking that way so long seems natural :) Is that scarey???

hugs :)

Cathy said...

Thanks for making me laugh!

PattiNH said...

What a great post - helps me feel smug that I'm so au currant and hip! PattiNH

Chelle said...

First I gotta say I love the Linda Bird design and the bee skep is just too cute!

Thanks for the belly laugh with the "we're so totally cool" segment! LOL I think we need to borrow the last line from the Snoop Dogg/Lee Iacocca Chrysler commercial, and change it to "If the stash is more fly, then you must buy"!! Now I'm off to edit my blog from today because I didn't just FROG, I was Hip Hopping! DOH!


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