Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorry to take so long ...

In December, I posted a Christmas Ornament Meme. I received an e-mail asking to identify the "red, green & gold" ornament -- I should have gotten back to you sooner ... Now, I'm guessing you meant this one made by my NANI friend, Chris R:
Feather Tree
The Ornament Collection c.1991
Designed by Judy Whitman, JBW Designs
I liked this ornament (made by Chris) so much that I borrowed the pattern from her & stitched a couple of the ornaments (gave them away as gifts). I don't know if this pattern is still available for purchase.

Or, you might have meant:
Holiday Charm II
c.1999 Genny Morrow Designs
This is one of two Genny Morrow canvas projects I've completed. The fibers are Felicity's Garden, Splendor, and Kreinik Braid. The other canvas project I've done, by Genny Morrow, First Steps, is pictured on a previous blog post.

Another red, yellow, green ornament in that post is:
Reindeer Garden
Threads Thru Time
Nancy Surgeon
It is from the Christmas Ornaments 2000 Magazine. I used DMC 435 gold -- otherwise, the suggested DMC floss for red & green.

As for the tree from the nursery, DH & DS planted it on the hill. (picture taken right after it was planted -- before all the snow arrived) It looks very small next to the other pine trees. Most of our trees do survive the winter. I can only tell you how we do it -- the nursery owners are more knowledgeable. We bring the tree home & store it in the garage a couple days. Bring it up to decorate with lights and light-weight ornaments. We have it away from heating vents & keep it in the house a couple days. Then, back into the garage a couple days -- and outside for planting when there is a break in the weather. The hill behind our home has filled in with many Christmas trees of past years.


Kathy A. said...

Love those Christmas ornaments! I really enjoy your plan of planting your Christmas trees - recycling at it's best.

Laura said...

I loved your Christmas ornament meme! Reindeer Garden is my favorite, but that needlepoint one is exquisite. Your Christmas tree hill looks lovely too, and it must be full of memories.

Von said...

Always love your stitching, Lelia!! And how nice it must be to see all your Christmas trees taking root and growing on your hill. :)

TattingChic said...

These are adorable!!!


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